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2017-2018 Soccer Academy Program

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The Ocean State Soccer Academy represents the winter/spring competitive option for U7/U8 Ocean State Soccer. The academy program provides a bridge between recreational and competitive soccer by providing standardized training to academy participants.


The overriding goal of the academy is to help build a solid foundation of individual technical skills to better prepare players for competitive soccer.

This goal is achieved through two basic principles:

  1. Touches on the ball: Training sessions are structured to maximize the number of touches players have on the ball. Tactical drills and scrimmages are minimized, because they reduce the number of touches on the ball for each player.
  2. Repetition: Repetition of ball skills allows players to develop the motor memory necessary to control and possess the ball in game situations.

Academy Director

Adam Howarth is a former professional soccer player in both England and Finland. He previously coached at the Arsenal Soccer School and the New England Revolution Academy. He is currently Director of Operations of the Women's Soccer Program at The University of Rhode Island, and Head Coach and Director of all 5 Higher Level Soccer Academies. Adam holds an English Football Association Coaching License.

Academy Components


  • Roughly 20 weekly winter training sessions at Wide World of Indoor Sports (WWIS)

  • Opportunity to play in the indoor league (session 2: Jan-March) at WWIS

    • This is an extra cost to parents and is not required as part of the academy

    • Players must be enrolled in the academy to ensure eligibility

    • Each team will need a volunteer coach from among the parents of the players

    • Teams will be formed by Adam and academy volunteer coaching staff based on age and performance in the academy sessions


  • Ten weekly training sessions running concurrently with the spring superliga season

  • Our goal is to transition players to competitive soccer; however, players will have the option of returning to OSS recreational soccer instead of U7/8 travel soccer in the spring. Registration fees for Spring Rec would be waived. Many former academy players have done just this and then tried out for a competitive/travel team at a later date.

  • Pending availability, academy players (U7 & U8) may be able to participate in the U8 spring superliga (superliga is the RI competitive soccer league) & the NH tournament.

    • Players must be enrolled in the academy to be

    • The superliga and NH tournament team fees would be included in the academy fees

    • Each team will need a volunteer coach from among the parents of the players

    • Teams will be selected by Adam and academy coaching staff based on age and performance in the academy sessions

    • It is expected that players will practice once per week with their team; this practice will be independent of the weekly academy training sessions with Adam

    • Academy Curriculum

  • Each week of training will have a theme

  • Curriculums will focus on foot skills, ball control, dribbling trapping, passing, shooting, and moving to space without the ball


  • Part of the academy is training for volunteer coaches

  • We will recruit parent coaches at the start of the winter academy sessions

  • Coaches training will consist of:

    • Attending academy training sessions to learn from and assist Adam Howarth.

    • Attending licensing courses as available

  • Coaches will coach teams for the WWIS indoor session and the spring superliga team(s)

    • Ideally, each team will have a parent coach that registered at the beginning of the academy; however, in instances where this is not the case a parent from the team will be asked to volunteer as coach

  • If you are interested in coaching email our Director of Development, Sunjay Patil at osspatil@cox.net.

    Cost of the Academy

  • Cost for each player is $375

  • This includes a total of roughly 30 training sessions, 20 over the winter and 10 in the spring

  • Registration for academy also includes a options for spring superliga and NH tournament play.

  • Players must be registered for the academy to be ensure eligibility for the winter league session at WWIS

  • Extra costs associated with playing competitive/travel soccer (elective option), which are not included in the Academy fees are:

    • Required: Spring referee fees (approx $10 per player)

    • New Hampshire hotel charges (approx $145 + tax a night; 2 night minimum)

    • Optional: Additional tournament registration (coach’s discretion; fees vary from $25-40)

    • Optional: Indoor season at WWIS ($90-$120 per session per player)

      If you have further questions email Sunjay Patil at osspatil@cox.net

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is eligible for the academy?  All U7s, U8s, U9 rec players who want to play competitive soccer.

      Will there be U8 “competitive” tryouts?   No – the academy program represents the U8 competitive soccer program at OSS.  Selection for the U8 competitive spring teams will be based on academy participation and evaluation.

      Will there be U9 “competitive” option in the Spring? It is most likely that our U9 Academy players will return to our rec program for spring play. Our OSS competitive teams begin at the U9 level and are formed through a formal tryout process. If one of our preexisting U9 competitive teams has a roster opening in the spring, an U9 academy players may be able to tryout for a U9 team.

      Is the academy coed?  Yes. However, spring superliga and tournament teams may be single-gender teams depending on number and ability of players.

      Does the academy include a fall component? No. The academy is winter/spring only. Players who sign up for the academy are encouraged to play recreational soccer in the fall.

      If I don’t sign up this year, will my child be able to participate in the competitive program next year?   Yes. However, we strongly encourage parents with children interested in competitive soccer to enroll in the academy.

      What is the advantage of the academy program?  The academy approach is recommended by both US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer, the national organizations governing youth soccer in the United States.  The academy program ensures players are exposed to coaches with the appropriate level of experience and qualifications (i.e., Adam Howarth) and given the same training curriculum, focusing on individual ball-control skills.

      How do I get the opportunity to coach in the Academy?  The academy program is also a coaching developmental program.  Recreational coaches who want to become competitive coaches can sign up to be academy instructors under the direction of Adam Howarth, the academy director.  This enables you to learn how to teach technical skills, run training sessions, get to know the players, and obtain coaching education/licenses, as they become available.